Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Last day of waiting...

Okay, so here we are. Tomorrow my idea begins, and as promised, today I outline what it is all about. No more teases, no more tidbits, just straightforward "I am doing this". And what is "this"?

I have written a story.
A short story, 7 chapters long.
A story to chill your blood and warm your heart in equal measures.
A Christmas story with a twist.
Beginning on Thursday December 18th, I will be posting a chapter a day on this blog, leading up to the final chapter on Wednesday December 24th, Christmas Eve. 7 days, 7 chapters. I hope you can join me on the full journey. It starts tomorrow, and will take us on several unexpected turns before we reach our destination in a week's time. So, please spread the word to anyone you feel might like to hop onboard with us. I have never attempted anything like this, and I want the experiment to succeed, but I will need help in achieving that.
It is nearly time...

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