Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Gearing up for a return...

I would like to thank anyone who followed this story to it's conclusion. And extra thanks for any feedback given. I enjoyed putting it together, enjoyed seeing a new chapter up on the screen to be read by anyone who wanted to read it. It was a great feeling to know that in some form, even if not a conventional one (and certainly not one that made me any money) I had a story published. It was in the public domain, and that was all that mattered, that I had dared to share an idea of mine with the world, that I had pulled my thumb out and actually got around to doing something about my dream of writing.
And I will be doing it again. I have a story all ready to go (not quite as warm and fuzzy as Postcards In Winter, but equally, if not more rivetting), a blog ready to launch at http://thecloudisdescending.blogspot.com and all that I have left to do before I start is make sure I get the word spread as far wide as I possibly can. And it is in this respect that I humbly request assistance. If you enjoyed this story, please tell people about it. All we can do is try.
So, thanks again for giving this story a chance, and I hope I can convince you to come back and check out my next one.
I had fun, hope you did too.


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