Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Preparing for the new one...

So, I'm going to start my next venture, "The Refreshing" on Saturday. if I haven't posted it enough! I'm excited. I was excited about doing "Postcards In Winter" but this is different. I felt a need to post "Postcards..." (No pun intended) as it was a very personal story, and all elements bar the supernatural ones and the order of the cards were at least in part inspired by reality, albeit with creative license used to bring them together. Plus, it was Christmas, and the story fit in nicely with that. "The Refreshing" is, as I have said before, not as warm and fuzzy as "Postcards..." but it is not completely devoid of warmth. I do feel it is a braver and more daring story. I have had a critical comment made in respect of the wordiness of my writing. A critical comment made with an accompanying apology. Why do we feel the need to apologise for criticism? I believe strongly that without criticism and mistakes, we would not learn. I have made mistakes in my life and feel that they have helped better me as a person. I will do things in my writing which will attract criticism. And I think that is great. I can't please everyone, I wouldn't want to. But I do want anyone who does ever have a criticism to share it. I am so passionate about literature, writing and storytelling that I can on occasion be blind to my own shortcomings. Without constructive feedback I cannot rectify this. Hell, even feedback of a non-constructive variety is helpful in its own way. Oh, and not to mention praise...Criticism goes a long way, but we mustn't forget that praise does too. What I am basically trying to say is that if you have an opinion, share it. I want what I have to say heard, and I am certainly a person who wants to hear what other people have to say. And after that ramble, who can really deny I'm a wordy person?!
Thats all for now, except to reiterate: The cloud descends on Saturday.


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